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17th Interagro Yearlings Auction

17th Interagro Yearlings Auction

Is there an English version of the catalog?
Yes, the English version of the catalog can be seen at www.lusitano-interagro.com/2017 and our International Sales Director Mr Peter Van Borst can assist you. Please go to contacts page.

How can I access the terms and conditions of the auction?
Conditions for international sales are:
Payment: 50% + 8% auction fee to be paid during the following week of Auction and 50% balance one week before shipment.
The purchased horse can stay 60 days at Interagro Farm at no cost waiting for shipment.

Are the lots x-rayed? Can I have the images for my vet evaluation?
No, none of the babies are x-rayed as they are all very young. But if you wish we can recomend you a radiologist that speaks English.
As usual babies are not sold to other countries due to costs of shipment. It´s imperative that you indicate the lots you are interested in 10 days before the auction for the piroplasmosis test which takes around 5 days depending when blood sample arrives at laboratory. By clients request, some colts were tested for piroplamosis and negative exams are available at auction office and through our International Sales Director Mr. Peter Van Borst (Capall9336@gmail.com)

I´m looking for more information on the colts. Do you have an estimate of shipping to Europe?
Unfortunately due to sanitary rules horses can´t be exported directly to Europe, they have to be shipped to the USA and quarantined there for 45 days.
For further information feel free to contact GTC for more information, info can be seen on this post

Average: R$ 16.933,00 (aprox USD 5,187.00)
Record price: Record price: R$ 42,000.00 (aprox USD 12,865.00) Ministro Interagro

Previous National auctions average prices (in Portuguese) can be seen here and for Lusitano Collection average prices click here

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