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How much does an Interagro Lusitano cost?


Currently, there are horses available in prices ranging from USD 12,000.00  to USD 40,000.00. Prices do not include taxes, shipping or handling.

It is our goal here at Interagro Lusitanos to provide you with a personal consultant to assist you with the purchase of your horse. Our intention is not to “sell” you a horse, but to work with you to find the right choice for your needs and desires. With representatives in Brazil and the United States, we work to match you with the right person to help you make your selection. Please click here if you would like to consult with us about visiting the farm and/or purchasing a horse.

All horses are x-rayed prior to training to determine the soundness and viability of the particular horse to perform to his optimum ability whilst in training or solely for our use. Clients are responsible for the pre purchase vet check and X-rays at their expense.

Sale horses can be held with a 10% down payment and a PPE appointment.
Our price list is revised and updated every 1st week of each month and horses priced accordingly to their development in training.

Currently (July 2020) horses are priced as follows:

Horses under USD 15,000:

Lyco Interagro
Mileto Interagro
Mágico Interagro
Mosteiro Interagro
Negrito Interagro
Nessus Interagro
Noveleiro Interagro
Novilheiro Interagro 

Horses over USD 15,000:
Mozarabe Interagro


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