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Lusitano auction at Interagro – August 25th, 2012


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Celebrating the birth of the 2000th foal of his breeding and brand, the largest Lusitano horse breeder in the world, Interagro Farms, together with Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga, the winner of the tittle of Best Lusitano Breeder and Best Exhibitor of the Year, proudly announce the 2012 Interagro Collection Sales, to be held on August 25th in Itapira, São Paulo, Brazil. 
Twelve adult Lusitanos – one stallion approved for reproducion, ten young horses from the ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘E’ generations, and one mare – all of them under saddle, all x- rayed and free of piroplasmosis, all from the best and renowned lineages, will be offered in the auction. 
The traditional Interagro Yearling’s Auction will be held in the same event, this time with the participation of the Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga. Thirty-four foals subdivided in pairs, all of them from the best lineages and offspring from some of the best stallions whose progenies have obtained successful results in morphology and functional shows , such as Violino, Riopele, Viheste, Oceano, Legendário, Baldor, Xelim and Cezanne will be presented.


Leilão Coleção Interagro 2012 – 25 August – Saturday  Interagro Farms, Itapira, Brazil
Special Guest: Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga
All horses under saddle negative for piroplasmosis  and with current digital x-rays 

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