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Ownership transfer


Hello there! We recently acquired a lovely grey Lusitano apparently 12 years old, with your brand. No paper work for him. Today I scanned him for a microchip and here is his number xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx, photo also for verification. Is there anyway you can search him and tell me his real name? Age? Sire?
We like him very much and he will stay here in xxxxxxx Canada with us! We would like to know who he is and try to get replacement papers or a copy so we can attend breed shows and working Equitation. Thank you in advance for your help!

Congratulations on your horse! Regarding the papers and info only the current owner can help you, or whoever sold you the horse. Once a horse is transferred at the Brazilian Stud Book it does not belong to any longer and we can´t order a second copy of registration, it´s like an ownership title of a car for example, only the current owner can do it. Maybe you can count on the help of previous owner for the info requested.

I bought xxxx Interagro from Mrs. xxxx who purchased him from the Collection. She did not have his original papers (only this copy).  She did not recall ever receiving his actual papers from Brazil .  If she did receive them (sic) she lost them. Either way I need to transfer him into my name and get a copy of his original papers so I can register him in the US.  Can you research this and let me know how to proceed.  

“xxxx” Interagro was sold at The 2009 Lusitano Collection and transferred to buyer on March 2009  when all originals were sent to the US to the address specified at the Sales contract by FedEx (copy of current Stud Book page sent to your email).
Current owner is not the person you mentioned at your message, so you have to contact Buyer and ask him to transfer the horse to you at IALHA. In case papers were lost only the current owner can order a copy of the document to ABPSL Stud Book; as we don´t own it since March 2009 we cannot transfer a horse that doesn´t belong to us.
Here are ABPSL contacts: website – www.associacaolusitano.com.br | e-mail studbook@associacaolusitano.com.br

I bought a mare from you at the 2009 Collection and need her ownership transfer.

All horses sold at previous Lusitano Collection auctions are already transferred to their new owners, including yours. Please go to ABPSL website, click on CONSULTAS on the top menu of page, then ANIMAIS and type the name of the horse you want to find out at “nome do animal”. At Proprietário (owner) or  Proprietário Atual (current owner) you will find your name!

(Owner) Proprietário____________________
(Breeder) Criador________________________
(Horse´s Name) Nome do Animal_________________
(Reg # ) Registro_____________(Book) Livro______
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* do not click enter at your keyboard, you have to click on the button written enviar 

At the APSL (Portuguese Stud Book) you will find only the name of the breeder (criador), not current owner. In case you need any assistance please contact Mrs. Sharon Mohr from IALHA.

When can I expect to receive the ownership transfer of xxxx Interagro I bought from you and was told a month ago paperwork was sent to your association?

Ownership transfer was sent to ABPSL Stud Book 40 days ago (scans of Post office delivery receipt and ownership transfer were sent to your e-mail). Unfortunately it does not depend on Interagro and every time we ask them we are informed it´s going to be done in a couple of days. If you prefer to contact directly ABPSL Stud Book the e-mail is studbook@associacaolusitano.com.br and telephone +55 11 3729-4439

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