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High Bids and Exceptional Horses Highlight 16th Annual Interagro Yearling Auction

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High Bids and Exceptional Horses Highlight 16th Annual Interagro Yearling Auction

Ministro Interagro, the price highlight of the XVI Leilão de Potros Interagro. (Photo courtesy of Tupa)

Itapira, Sao Paulo, Brazil (October, 2016) – Following more than four decades of meticulous breeding, Interagro Lusitanos of Brazil has given rise to the modern Interagro Lusitano. Evolved from the purest bloodlines of the Portuguese breed, the youngest generation of Interagro’s progeny were showcased during their annual yearling auction, XVI Leilão de Potros Interagro, held August 27, 2016. With exceptional young stock at auction and an exclusive soiree atmosphere, buyers eagerly bid on the 17 colts and fillies, smashing last year’s record price and rounding out a banner season for the Sao Paulo based stud and training facility.
With a number of unique and rare lineages represented in the auction barn, Interagro’s selection of yearlings trotted into the covered arena to an enthusiastic reception from bidders. The average selling price of this year’s auction finished at 16,933 Brazilian reals, or approximately 5,187 US dollars. The elegant Ministro Interagro brought in 2016’s price highlight, selling for 42,000 Brazilan reals (USD 12,865). All but two of the auction horses sold and the 16,330 real average price exceeded that of 2015, despite the political and economic unrest in Brazil and the added distraction of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Nearly 300 buyers and guests arrived to participate in and enjoy the excitement of the auction, as well as to enjoy the equestrian showcase.

Maestro Interagro (Photo courtesy of Tupa)
Maitre Interagro (Photo courtesy of Tupa)

The gala began with a tribute to Zizifo Interagro, who along with Argentinian Patricio Gugliamelli qualified and competed in the paradressage in Rio’s Paralympics and is also an accomplished CDI competitor in Europe. Zizifo’s sire and dam, Profano Interagro and Meiga (MAC), were presented to the guests and bidders in honor of the internationally successful dressage star. Profano possesses the athleticism and pedigree of his sire Legendario do Mirante, son of Novilheiro MV, who was famous as a European show jumping champion. His dam, Cigana III (MLC), bestowed her exceptional conformation upon her son and grandson, as well as numerous other Interagro horses as one of the stud’s foundation broodmares.

While the horses are normally presented in pairs, the pure Veiga filly, Milagreira Interagro, was presented alone to the bidders as a new addition to Interagro’s auction format. The Veiga lineage is one of four recognized Lusitano bloodlines, and one of the most sought after. Noted for their beauty, courage, exceptional impulsion and trainability, Veiga horses are considered the most genuine representation of the war horses of ancient Lusitania. Sired by Perdigueiro (MAC) and out of Collection Interagro, Milagreira’s elegance and beauty kicked off the official bidding and the filly was sold to Haras Perrone, along with Mimosa InteragroMadame Interagro, and Mouro Interagro. Ministro Interagro, with his powerful uphill movement, brought the soaring price highlight of 42,000 reals (12,865 USD) from Coudelaria Vila de Sagres, with Mouro Interagro just behind on a final bid of 40,800 reals (12,498 USD). Five of the 15 yearlings sold broke 10,000 reals, and three were above 30,000 reals.

Milagreira Interagro (Photo courtesy of Tupa)
Madame Interagro (Photo courtesy of Tupa)


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2016 Interagro Yearlings Auction – Photo TUPA

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