“There are an increasing number of competitive, successful trainers looking for Lusitano horses for their clients and Interagro Lusitanos has the quality of horses that they are looking for.”

Recently Peter moved to Ocala Florida  an historic equestrian southern town with a growing influx of horse people from across the United States.  “A major part of my decision to move to Ocala was to meet the growing demand for people who want to continue the training of their Lusitanos in the same philosophy as Interagro,” said Peter.  “Interagro Lusitanos, whose founder and breeder is Paulo Gavião Gonzaga, has a deserved reputation as one of the premier breeders of the Lusitano and it is built on knowledge, a passion for the breed and a respect for its heritage and well-preserved bloodlines.”

Earlier in his career Peter spent years traveling worldwide riding High School horses and learning much from accomplished trainers throughout Europe.  Peter and Kelli Murphey, a fellow equestrian enthusiast, pursued a dream to have their own school of classical equitation.  They worked hard to achieve it and succeeded to the point where they had over ten High School stallions at their center in the United States.  At that time they also brought over the most renowned names in the schooling of classical horses from Europe.

Peter’s experience with horses includes training them for a variety of equestrian sports.  He has also been involved in unusual equitation projects such as working on movie sets for films like the “The Lion in Winter”, to training a performance horse for Siegfried and Roy – Masters of the Impossible – and their internationally renowned illusionist show in Las Vegas. 

His experience in classical equitation and unique training talents have often been called upon to help dressage riders on the Grand Prix circuit.   From his new base in the horse haven of Ocala.

Interagro Lusitanos focus on producing potential sport horses from their breeding program.  Peter is talented in matching horses with riders and provides a valuable follow up service as well as essential insight to the Lusitano horse for Interagro clients in the United States.  In Ocala, he is offering logistical support for Interagro clients.  He provides a base where owners can continue training their horses with guidance and advice from a Lusitano expert.

Peter has a long-term commitment to work with Interagro in Brazil and facilitate the placement of these carefully bred horses in specific situations.    It is this respect for tradition that has largely steered Peter and his charge of Lusitanos to  Ocala,   “Ocala is one of the very few places left in the US that has a great empathy for high quality horses and the presentation of them,” he said.  “The town accommodates horses, first and people, second.  There could not be a better proving ground to demonstrate the flexibility and versatility of the Lusitano.  We are not trying to impose the breed on anyone, but to promote awareness of the Lusitano and welcome those who want to know more about this breed to contact us.”