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Last update: 07/Jun/2016

The horses listed below are for sale and in training at Interagro Farm (Itapira, SP, Brazil).

Please click on the individual pictures below to see more information, pictures, bloodlines, and video of each of our sale horses by name.

Click here to read about Buying Power and price range

Canaletto Interagro
2006 grey gelding

Feitor Interagro
2008 grey gelding

Flexor Interagro
2009 grey gelding

Gótico Interagro
2010 bay gelding

Hadrian Interagro
2011 grey gelding

Hawk Interagro
2011 bay gelding

Hector Interagro
2011 grey gelding

Helio Interagro
2011 grey gelding

Herácles Interagro
2011 bay gelding

Herodotus Interagro
2011 grey gelding

Hipólogo Interagro
2011 bay gelding

Horácio Interagro
2011 black gelding

Hospedeiro Interagro
2011 bay gelding

Huno Interagro
2011 buckskin gelding

Hurricane Interagro
2011 black gelding

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Office hours
Monday to Friday from 9 am to noon and from 1 pm to 6 pm

Barn hours
Monday to Friday from 7,30 am to noon and from 1,40 pm to 4,30 pm
Saturdays from 7,30 am to 1 pm



Interagro released the publication tittled "Stallion's Catalogue" with the resume of all her important stallions in 2005, a copy was sent free of charge for those who signed up at our website until March, 2007.
This publication is out of print, but all its content is available at this section of the website.