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Biluca do Mirante


Sire: Níquel (BF)
Dam: Mimosa (OS)
D.O.B: 27/June/1979
Color: Bay
REG.: 32-FN
Sex: Female (approved by Stud Book with 62 points)
Deceased: 22/June/2011

Biluca do Mirante was probably the most important among the founding mares of the Interagro herd. Twice National Champion winning a collection of Gold Medals at International Exhibitions. But more important than her conformation awards is her career as a brood mare. Biluca do Mirante had 14 products, all of them exquisite for their functional qualities, among which we can highlight: Narsil Interagro, champion of Working and Portuguese Equitation, exported to the USA; Lindir do Mirante, winner of show jumping, Plutônio Interagro, sold to South of Brazil and its daughters, Nagaika do Mirante, Mulata Interagro and Formosa (BFI), all of them Gold Medal winners, the first two of which were exported to the US and the third, Formosa, is the mother of the National Champion Kiwi do Mirante.

Sired by Níquel (BF), bred by the well-known Stud Farm Barata Freixo (Portugal). He was the founding stallion of Interagro, where he served from 1976 to 1988. Níquel was the son of Selecto (CN) a stallion of the best Spanish ancestry, grandson of Primoroso (DH), Destinado (DH) and Cartujano APT, the first two being ‘head of line’ of the current PSL breed and the third one of the founding stallions of the remarkable Coudelaria Andrade. Níquel’s dam, Joeira (BF) was one of the most important brood mares of the Barata Freixo, where she produced several extraordinary offspring such as Níquel (BF) and Bronze (BF), which was also imported and widely used by Interagro. Níquel’s daughters are six of the most important mares that formed the Interagro genetic base, in addition to Biluca, Dama, Diva, Ema, Eva and Ela , all of them bred by Interagro and awarded in National Exhibitions, most of them with Gold Medals and marked by the ancient iron “I” and bearing the suffix Mirante.

Her dam, Mimosa (OS), also imported from Portugal (Coudelaria Oliveira and Sousa), was one of the founding mares of the Interagro lineage and left an important and prized offspring in addition to Biluca: Apolo do Mirante, Dama do Mirante (mother of the Great International Champion Lindeira do Mirante), Ela do Mirante, Forex do Mirante and Gabriel (BFI) all bred by Interagro with the old suffix “Mirante”.


1983 – Formosa (BFI) – Gold Medal and mother of the Champion mare Kiwi do Mirante
1985 – Huno do Mirante – sold (BRA)
1986 – Ilustre do Mirante
1988 – Klakson do Mirante – sold (BRA)
1989 – Lindir do Mirante – sold (BRA). Prized in Jumping
1990 – Mistral do Mirante – sold (BRA) at 3rd Top Interagro Auction – 1994
1991 – Nagaika do Mirante – sold (USA). Gold Medal
1992 – Mulata Interagro  – sold (USA). Gold Medal
1993 – Narsil Interagro  – sold (BRA). Champion of Working Equitation, exported to the USA
1994 – Outorgado Interagro  – sold (BRA) at 9th Top Interagro Auction – 1997
1995 – Plutônio Interagro – sold (BRA)
1998 – Salamandra Interagro
1999 – Toriba Interagro – sold (Ecuador)
2000 – Urano Interagro – sold (BRA) at Coleção Interagro 2004