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Estúpida (VAN)


Sire: Faneca (SA)
Dam: Dengosa (SA)
D.O.B.: March 01, 1988
Color: Grey
REG.: 281-FI
Sex: Female (approved by Stud Book with 75 points)
Breeder: MARIA A. SOUSA DE V.DE ANDRADE (Portugal)
Deceased: February 28, 2005

Estúpida (VAN) was by Faneca (SA), a son of Zamorim (SA), the other member of the triad of Martini’s sons which made of the Andrade breed one of the basic lines of the Lusitano breed and Dengosa (SA), a daughter of Yacht (SA).


1993 – Mariquita Interagro
1994 – Opositora Interagro
1996 – Quadriga Interagro
1997 – Ravel Interagro – sold (BRA) at 13th Top Interagro Auction – 2001
1998 – Segura Interagro
1999 – Tabriz Interagro – sold (BRA) at 15th Top Interagro Auction – 2003
2000 – Uxória Interagro
2001 – Vencedora Interagro
2002 – Xairel Interagro – sold at The 2006 Lusitano Collection (USA)
2003 – Zorita Interagro
2004 – Adeleira Interagro





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