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Lot 04b – Heroína do Vouga


Sire: Viheste (AR)
Dam: Xarmosa do Mito
Color: Buckskin
D.O.B: August 12, 2011
REG: 6971-FN
Sex: Female
Breeder & Seller: Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga

Sold to: Roberto Euclides de Almeida Barros

A beautiful gray filly from Viheste (AR)’s first Brazilian generation, Heroína do Vouga displays great conformation, a beautiful head and neck, and good gaits. Her great trot, lightness and elasticity combined with her elegant build ensure her participation in breed shows in addition to being used in sport and as a broodmare.
Viheste (AR), Heroína do Vouga’s sire, is a magnificent stallion standing 1.71 m. Bred at Coudelaria Alter Real, Viheste (AR) is one of the big stars of the Rocas do Vouga Dressage Team in ongoing preparation for the Rio do Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016. Heroína do Vouga is part of Viheste’s first generation in Brazil, and an excellent representative of his potential as a stud. Xarmosa do Mito, Heroina’s dam, is a daughter of the exceptional Lai-lai, and therefore maternal sister to the stallion Riopele. Xarmosa do Mito was Grand Champion Mare in 2005 at age two, and again a Gold Medalist in 2006 and 2007. Xarmosa is another of the Rocas do Vouga broodmares who are consistent winners in breed show classes. Her pedigree will be admired anywhere in the world.



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