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Horácio Interagro


Sire: Profano Interagro
Dam: Trovoada Interagro
Color: Black
Height: 1,56 m/ 15.1 1/2 hh
D.O.B: October 07, 2011
REG: 6336-MN
Sex; Male (Gelding)

Horácio Interagro is a striking son of Profano Interagro, with the exceptional conformation, agility, and gaits typical of the Lusitano sporthorse. His dark good looks exemplify the Baroque type, and his talent and scope ensure he will have a successful career in working equitation or dressage. Under saddle since 2015, Horacio was allowed the time and attention required to develop to his maximum potential, and is soon to begin his working equitation career. His intelligence and sensitivity to the aids recommend him for experienced riders at this time.

Descended from very functional and proven lines, Horacio is related to a gallery of decorated horses across a variety of disciplines. Many of his maternal brothers were exported: Zulu Interagro, Blackstone Interagro, Carbono Interagro, and Dida Interagro, where they compete in the US with excellent results in dressage and working equitation. His sire Profano interagro is the was a Gold Medalist at the 1998 and 2000 International Shows in Brazil and also sired extremely successful offspring: Zizifo Interagro, who is trained through 4th Level dressage and competed at the 2016 Rio Paralymic Games, Xaveco Interagro, a highly decorated working equitation competitor and winner of the 2016 Brazilian Working Equitation World Cup, Hectar Interagro, Zico Interagro, Zoilo Interagro, and Zulu Interagro, all successful dressage competitors, and Estoico Interagro, Francis Interagro, and Gótico Interagro in working equitation.

Show results: 

30/June/16 – 6th place overall at Working Equitation in-house test (Interagro Farm, Itapira, SP, Brazil)