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Javelin Interagro/TUPA
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Javelin Interagro


Sire: Bungo Interagro
Dam: Esfinge Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B: December 22, 2013
Height: 1,61 m/15.275 hh
REG: 6778-MN
Sex: Male (Gelding)
Piroplamosis negative, tested on August 16th, 2018

This beautiful grey gelding possesses three excellent and springy gaits; his large, espressive, and supple movement have ample suspension, lending him to his dressage-focused training. Started under saddle in August of 2016, Javelin is sensitive to the aids and recommended for experienced riders. Radiographed in February of 2017.

Javelin is a son of Bungo Interagro, a stallion by Ofensor (MV) and out of Sibila Interagro (Noblissimo Interagro x Maçaroca MMT). Javelin hails from an interesting blending of Portuguese lineages. Maçaroca (MMT), bred by renowned Portuguese Stud Farm Romão Tavares, is a daughter of Hectar (MMT) and Filigrana (MMT), and is descended from Fronteiro I, an ancestor of Danúbio (MV), therefore from Firme (SA) /Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV) lineage. This unique pairing through Bungo Interagro produces a desired genetic combination of great potential.

The dam, Esfinge Interagro, is a daughter of Quixote Interagro, half brother to Ofensor (MV). Esfinge´s dam is Quinata Interagro, one of the most important mares of Interagro’s herd, revised with 74,50 points. Among her progeny are: Vigia Interagro (exported to Austrália); the multi-awarded dressage stallion Baldor Interagro; Fronteiro Interagro (sold at 11th Interagro Yearlings Auction 2010 and a decorated working equitation competitor), Hector Interagro (prized in conformation, dressage and working equitation before being sold to the US); and the broodmares Esfinge, Duna II Interagro and Gardênia Interagro.


01/Nov/18 – 1st place First Level (68.438%) at 3rd phase of Interagro Dressage Ranking (Interagro Farm, Itapira, SP, Brazil)

23/Aug/18 – 1st place First Level (62.593%) at 2nd phase of Interagro Dressage Ranking (Interagro Farm, Itapira, SP, Brazil)



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