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Juarez Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos
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Juarez Interagro


Sire: Zíngaro Interagro
Dam: Curupira Interagro
Color: Black
D.O.B.: September 02, 2013
Height: 1,63 m/16.0 ¼ h
REG.: 6788-MN
Sex: Male (Stallion)

In training since July 2016. Started under saddle on September 2016.

The jet black Juarez Interagro inherited the dark good looks and wonderful temperament of his sire, Zingaro, as well as his athleticism and correct gaits. He has a sweet and easy-going personality that has continued in his under saddle training, and this combined with his elegance and power will make him an excellent prospect in most disciplines.

His full brother, Hurricane Interagro, performed very well in his Working Equitation debut before being sold.



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