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Locrus Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos

Locrus Interagro


Sire: Destinado Interagro
Dam: Altamira Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: November 02, 2014
Height: 1,57 m/15.1 3/4 hh
REG.: 6967 – MN
Sex: Male (Gelding)
Piroplamosis negative, tested on August 16th, 2018

Locrus is very sweet, easy to work with, and always giving his rider something extra. His three basic gaits are exceptional, and his willing and aiming to please temperament make him a joy to ride and train. Due to this young horse’s willingness and intelligence, his training is already more advanced, including travers and shoulder in. His wonderful temperament and other characteristics make him an excellent option for amateurs. Started under saddle in November of 2017 and radiographed in December of 2017.

Locrus is a son of Altamira Interagro, a broodmare of 100% Veiga lineage revised with 72,50 points and sired by the Coimbra Perdigueiro (MAC), a stallion renowned for throwing offspring with exceptional temperaments and rideability. Altamira’s dam is Núncio Lisboa (JNU), revised with 74 points. Altamira also produced: Finório Interagro, sold at 2013 Coleção Interagro Auction and winner of many dressage tests; and Gueixa Interagro a beautiful broodmare revised with 77 points among others.

His sire is Destinado Interagro, a powerful and elegant grey stallion of exceptionally elastic and engaged gaits that have made him a prized dressage sire and competitor. Destinado received 71 points at the stallion revision. His dam, Morgada (MAC), was imported from the famous Coimbra Stud Farm in Portugal and is a daughter of Zebra (MAC) and Distinto (MAC), a Grand Champion in Lisbon who produced a large number of high quality offspring in Brazil and Portugal. As a son of the remarkable Noblíssimo Interagro, Destinado has 7/8 Veiga blood and 1/8 Andrade, ¼ of which was inherited from his grandsire, the fabulous Xique-Xique (CI).


23/Aug/18 – 1st place Training Level (67.174%) at 2nd phase of Interagro Dressage Ranking (Interagro Farm, Itapira, SP, Brazil)