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Lyco Interagro/TUPA
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Lyco Interagro


Sire: Bungo Interagro
Dam: Thelesis Interagro
Color: Grey
Height: 1,57 m / 15.1 3/4 hh
D.O.B.: October 12, 2014
REG.: 6975 -MN
Sex: Male (Gelding)

Started under saddle in November 2017, Lyco has three comfortable and correct gaits, especially the canter. He has been worked in harness since February 2018 and is very calm either in single or as pair with Jackpot Interagro. In October 2019 Lyco started his show career and competed at all three divisions: Singles, Pairs and Four-in-hand with great results.

Lyco’s sire is Bungo Interagro, a stallion by Ofensor (MV) and out of Sibila Interagro (Noblíssimo Interagro x Maçaroca MMT), Lyco hails from an interesting blending of Portuguese lineages. Maçaroca (MMT), bred by renowned Portuguese Stud Farm Romão Tavares, is a daughter of Hectar (MMT) and Filigrana (MMT), and is descended from Fronteiro I, an ancestor of Danúbio (MV), therefore from Firme (SA) /Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV) lineage. This unique pairing through Bungo Interagro produces a desired genetic combination of great potential.

Lyco’s dam, Thelesis Interagro, was a beautiful mare awarded in conformation and revised with 73,50 points. Among her exceptional progeny Baliel Interagro and Cartuxa Interagro stand out: the former a handsome stallion who scored 75 points at revision and had a successful dressage career and many conformation awards; and the latter a broodmare revised with 76 points.

Show results:

19/Oct/19 – 3rd phase of 2019 CBH Brazilian Driving Ranking (Orlândia, SP, Brazil)
– 2nd place Singles Professional division
–  3rd place Pairs Professional division with Comanche Interagro
– 1st place Four-in-hand Professional division with Comanche Interagro, Crispim Interagro and Cagliostro Interagro