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Mágico Interagro, grey Lusitano gelding for sale/TUPA
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Mágico Interagro


Sire: Ditador Interagro
Dam: Cartomante Interagro
D.O.B.: August 27, 2015
Color: Grey
Height:  1,60 m/ 15.3 hh
REG.: 7229-MN
Sex: Male (gelding)
Piroplamosis negative, tested on February 27th, 2019.

Radiographed on November 28th, 2018.

Mágico is a compact, balanced, and exceptionally well-built horse. His three basic gaits include an exceptional walk and very balanced canter. Supple and sensitive to aids, Mágico is a smart and eager to learn, making him best suited to experienced amateurs or professionals due to his young age.
Mágico is the son of Ditador Interagro, a stallion revised with 72,50 points and awarded in Conformation and Working Equitation competitions. Ditador is a son of Ofensor (MV), one of the top stallions recommended by APSL and winner of Outstanding Sire in Brazil and Portugal. Ditador’s dam is Nevada (MAC), a broodmare imported from the Coimbra Stud in Portugal and a daughter of Hábil (MV), a stallion from the prestigious lineage Firme (SA) /Nilo (MV) /Novilheiro (MV).
Mágico’s dam is Cartomante Interagro, very typically elegant and feminine broodmare with lovely gaits. She was sired by Quixote Interagro, a stallion revised with 79 points and half brother of Ofensor (MV) on the sire’s side. Cartomante’s dam was Malagueta do Mirante, a mix of Emir II (MV) out of the extraordinary Cigana III (MLC), one of the most important foundational broodmares of Interagro.


04/Dec/20 – 3rd place Introduction Level (68,478%) at the  2nd phase of 2020 Interagro Dressage Ranking (Interagro Farm, Itapira, SP, Brazil)
27/Aug/20 – 2nd place Introduction Level (67.292%) at the 1st phase of 2020 Interagro Dressage Ranking (Interagro Farm, Itapira, SP, Brazil)

20/Dec/19 – 2nd place Training Level/E 3 (64,783 %) at the 4th phase of 2019 Interagro Dressage Ranking (Interagro Farm, Itapira, SP, Brazil)
05/Oct/19 – 3rd place Training Level (65,769%) at the 3rd phase of Interagro Dressage Ranking (Interagro Farm, Itapira, SP, Brazil)


Mágico at the Working Equitation obstacles (video)


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