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Meiga (MAC)/Interagro Lusitanos
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Meiga (MAC)


Sire: Hábil (MV)
Dam: Flecha (MAC)
Color: Bay
D.O.B.: April 16, 1993
REG.: 317-FI
Sex: Female (approved by Stud Book with 79 points)

Meiga (MAC) is a very beautiful bay mare from the Coimbra (MAC) brand. She is a daughter of Hábil (MV), who is also the sire of Nicola (MAC), Nevada (MAC), his full sister, Nobreza (MAC) and Perdigueiro (MAC).

Her offspring of 17 is characterized by top functional qualities. She has 3 products exported to the US: Spartacus Interagro, Diácono Interagro and Vindima Interagro and one to Italy: Zizifo Interagro, dressage champion in Brazil who has many titles in Europe and competed at Rio Paralympics 2016.

Meiga retired in 2016, being replaced in reproduction by her daughters Hébrides Interagro revised with 75 points, Isadora Interagro with 78 points, Leiga Interagro with 75 points and Navalha Interagro with 76.


1998 – Spartacus Interagro – sold (USA)
1999 – Traviata Interagro
2000 – Uzita Interagro
2002 – Vindima Interagro  – sold at The 2008 Lusitano Collection (USA)
2002 – Xerazade Interagro
2003 – Zizifo Interagro  – sold (BRA) – Bronze Medal at European Master Iberico in oct/2015
2004 – Adúltera Interagro
2005 – Burilada Interagro
2006 – Calvino Interagro
2007 – Diácono Interagro – sold (USA) at the Coleção Interagro Auction – 2012
2008 – Egressa Interagro
2009 – Faceira Interagro
2010 – Gestor Interagro
2011 – Hébrides Interagro
2012 – Isadora Interagro
2014 – Leiga Interagro
2016 – Navalha Interagro


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