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Nessus Interagro, grey Lusitano gelding Photo: TUPA
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Nessus Interagro


Sire: Quinarius Interagro
Dam: Gazuza Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: September 20, 2016
Height: 1, 63 m/ 16.250 hh
REG.: 7643 -MN
Sex: Male (Gelding)
Piroplasmosis negative, tested on March 19, 2020
Radiographed on December 10, 2019

Nessus is a very athletic horse with good conformation and a compact, correct build. He has three lovely gaits, and takes long, elastic steps with a quick hindleg, good suspension, and a free shoulder. His athleticism is impressive, making him a top sport prospect. He began his under saddle training in November 2019, and has progressed quickly. Nessus is very confident, easy and calm to manage in the barn and with the farrier, loads very well, loves to hack around the farm, he is a great match to experienced amateurs. In view of his qualities, strength and confidence Nessus was incorporated into the Driving team in April 2021.
Nessus is the first son of Gazuza Interagro, a black mare out of Abdera Interagro and by Zíngaro Interagro, a cross repeated many times with great success producing exceptional horses, including Gazuza, Fenícia Interagro, Inércia Interagro and Lusitano Interagro (colt with the highest bid of the 15th National Yearling Auction in 2015).
His sire is Quinarius Interagro, a Grand International Champion and Gold Medal winner at the International Lusitano Show in 1999, who imparts energetic, long, and elevated gaits to his offspring. In addition to many mares included in our breeding program, Quinarius is also the sire of the highly decorated FEI dressage Champion Zepelim Interagro, who started his career as breeding stallion in 2018 with his first crop born in the Q generation.




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