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Olímpia Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos
Olimpia Interagro-9938-2

Olímpia Interagro


Sire: Xique-Xique (CI)
Dam: Gavial (SA)
Color: Grey
D.O.B: November 01, 1994
REG.: 1115-FN
Sex: Female (approved by Stud Book with 75 points)

Olímpia Interagro is one of the most prominent mares in Interagro´s breeding program; as Reserve Grand Champion and 2-Year-Old Champion at the 1997 Lusitano International Show, Olímpia went on to produce Bruxo Interagro, who stood at stud at Interagro before being sold, and the decorated Escoteiro Interagro.  Escoteiro, who excelled in conformation classes and dressage, was originally sold at the 2009 Interagro Yearlings Auction and exported by his new owners to the US in 2014.

Retired in 2018 after leaving numerous high quality and important products in our genetic program, Olímpia is the mother of the well-known and awarded full brothers Zíngaro Interagro, Bruxo Interagro and Escoteiro Interagro, in addition to the females Catimbeira Interagro and Marinheira II Interagro. Among her daughters, two already deceased were used in our breeding program:  Volúvel Interagro by Quixote Interagro and the beautiful 77-point Catimbeira, by Perdigueiro (MAC). Following the mission of the great Olímpia are the broodmares Acintosa Interagro, Gladys Interagro, Harpia Interagro, Lesbos Interagro and Marinheira II Interagro, all revised above 70 points.

In the pedigree of Olímpia Interagro, the most important lineages of the breed and the great names that make up the Interagro Lineage are very well represented: Xique-Xique (CI), Yacht (SA) and the Laranja I (MV), Caminheira (MV), Olivença (RA) and Utica (RA).

The mother of Olímpia Interagro, the exceptional Gavial (SA), one of the best daughters of Yacht (SA), has an interesting reproductive history; gave us Olímpia Interagro, which was the Grand National Champion and Grand International Champion of the São Paulo International Exhibition in 1997. After the birth of Olímpia Interagro, Gavial (SA) experienced a period of unhappiness with the loss of two other extraordinary children: Prometheu Interagro with Xique-Xique (CI) and Quimera Interagro with Danubio III (MV). Finally, she had her last child, Século V Interagro, a beautiful horse that celebrates the birth of the 500th Lusitano of the Interagro brand.

Her sire, Xique-Xique (CI), born in 1980, at the remarkable Quina Stud Farm, extinct after the 1974 Revolution, was selected by Dr. Guilherme Borba as the stallion to be used in the Quina mares that were under the care of Mr. Alfredo Conde. The political and economic situation in Portugal after the Revolution was not favorable to horse breeding. The difficulties suffered by several Portuguese breeders forced the sale of many extraordinary animals and Xique-Xique was no exception; passed from hand to hand until reaching the Barata Freixo (BF) family, who transferred him to Interagro in 1988, where he was for eight years – from 1989 to 1996 – the head stallion of the house. He produced a hundred extraordinary children who very early showed their potential in dressage and other competitions. Xique-Xique blood flows in virtually all Interagro horses. The most important evidence of the importance of the Xique-Xique is given by the number of his sons who became very successful official Interagro stallions: Noblíssimo, Quínio, Quinárius, Olorin Interagro and Maverick Interagro; 26 of its daughters were incorporated into the group of official Interagro mares, thus, the participation of Xique-Xique in the formation of the Interagro horse was enormous.


1998 – Stradivárius Interagro
1999 – Trapalhona Interagro
2000 – Uriana Interagro
2001 – Volúvel Interagro
2002 – Xévora Interagro
2003 – Zíngaro Interagro – Top Ten at 2 years old Colts Class at 25th Lusitano International Show (May/2006)
2004 – Acintosa Interagro
2005 – Bruxo Interagro – 6th place at 2 years old Colts Class at 27th Lusitano International Show (May/2008)
2006 – Catimbeira Interagro
2007 – Descobridor Interagro
2008 – Escoteiro Interagro – sold (BRA) at the 10th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2009. Exported to the US by new owners
2009 – Feitor Interagro  – sold (BRA). 2010 Futurity Colt Champion. Awarded at Working Equitation and Dressage
2010 – Gladys Interagro
2011 – Harpía Interagro
2012 – Iambe Interagro
2012 – Inachus Interagro
2013 – Jupiter Interagro
2014 – Lesbos Interagro
2015 – Marinheira II Interagro
2016 – Novidadeira Interagro
2018 – Perigosa Interagro