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Pancho Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos
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Pancho Interagro


Sire: Divisadero Interagro
Dam: Caeira Interagro
Color: Tordilha
D.O.B.: August 29, 2018
Height in 09/2021: 1,58 m/15.2 1/4 hh
REG.: 8000 -MN
Sex: Male (gelding)
In stall since 08/2021
Radiographed on September 22, 2021

Pancho is very flashy and has good movement. Pedigree of strong Andrade ancestry with ancestors of successful horse producers in Carriage Driving, a discipline for which he will be directed in the future.

His dam is Caeira Interagro, a predominantly Andrade mare. Daughter of Néscia Interagro with Xique-Xique (CI). Nescia produced Semaneiro Interagro, a horse that won numerous tests and driving rankings. Caeira is the daughter of Richebourg Interagro, a 100% Andrade lineage stallion, with strong structure and above average size, which was approved with 76 points and is known for producing animals of great aptitude for Carriage Driving, such as Xador Interagro and Xilógrafo Interagro.

Son of Divisadero Interagro, a stallion with an exceptional pedigree and lineage composed of 1/3 Veiga and ¾ Andrade, Divisadero’s excellent canter and temperament have made him a successful competitor and stud.  Sired by the beautiful Tufão Interagro, a radiant buckskin stallion renown for his beauty and talent as a sport horse, and with the famous Vidago (SA) present twice in his dam line, Divisadero Interagro is the first chestnut stallion to be incorporated into Interagro’s breeding program.
Divisadero Interagro’s dam, Saranga (VAN), was bred by Vilhena de Andrade and imported to Brazil from Portugal to preserve the stock of pure Andrade lines at Interagro.


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