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Proust Interagro, grey Purebred Lusitano for sale. Photo: Interagro Lusitanos
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Proust Interagro


Sire: Bungo Interagro
Dam: Cyclope II Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: October 21, 2018
Height in 01/2022: 1,60 m/15.3 hh
REG.: 8050 -MN
Sex: Male (gelding)
Radiographed on July 13,2021

A very strong colt, with excellent bones and structure, Proust started his basic training in June of 2021 and under saddle on Mid-October. He is a son of Cyclope II Interagro, a bay mare of strong structure revised with 72,50 points; sired by the late Tufão Interagro, golden buckskin stallion of excellent temperament and awarded in Dressage. Tufão produced an offspring of great character and functionality. Cyclope´s dam is the bay Relíquia, bred by Núncio Stud farm in Portugal, she was approved with 73 points and is the paternal sister of Rapsódia (JNU). One of Cyclope II’s daughters, Lucila Interagro by Zíngaro Interagro, is driven and in training to be part of Interagro’s new pair.

His sire is Bungo Interagro, a stallion by Ofensor (MV) and out of Sibila Interagro (Noblíssimo Interagro x Maçaroca MMT), Bungo hails from an interesting blending of Portuguese lineages. Maçaroca (MMT), bred by renowned Portuguese Stud Farm Romão Tavares, is a daughter of Hectar (MMT) and Filigrana (MMT), and is descended from Fronteiro I, an ancestor of Danúbio (MV), therefore from Firme (SA) /Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV) lineage. This unique pairing through Bungo Interagro produces a desired genetic combination of great potential.

Proust is in training in Texas, USA.
For more information and to schedule a visit to meet him, please contact Tiago Ernesto at elitehorseacademy@gmail.com