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Quadrama Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos

Quadrama Interagro


Sire: Bungo Interagro
Dam: Radiosa (MAC)
Color: Bay
D.O.B.: July 30, 2019
REG.: 8762-FN
Sex: Female

Her dam is the sensational Coimbra Radiosa (MAC), a very feminine and correct gray brood mare that produces equally beautiful and extremely functional Lusitanos, all with great movement and cadence. Radiosa is the daughter of Larápio (MAC), a beautiful stallion who served in Brazil before being sold to the USA. In addition to Radiosa, two more daughters of Larápio were imported by Interagro: Rainha (MAC) and Redonda (MAC). Among its products are the males Amintas Interagro and Hobbit Interagro, both awarded in Classical Dressage in the United States. Several of his daughters were and are used in our genetic program: the late black Ximena Interagro by Nicola (MAC), the full sisters Collection Interagro and Ginger Interagro by Ofensor (MV). His daughters are also the bays Quadrama by Bungo Interagro and Resposta Interagro by Luca Interagro.

Quadrama’s sire is Bungo Interagro, a stallion by Ofensor (MV) and out of Sibila Interagro (Noblíssimo Interagro x Maçaroca MMT), Quadrama hails from an interesting blending of Portuguese lineages. Maçaroca (MMT), bred by renowned Portuguese Stud Farm Romão Tavares, is a daughter of Hectar (MMT) and Filigrana (MMT), and is descended from Fronteiro I, an ancestor of Danúbio (MV), therefore from Firme (SA) /Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV) lineage. This unique pairing through Bungo Interagro produces a desired genetic combination of great potential.