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Ressalva Interagro


Sire: Luca Interagro
Dam: Rainha (MAC)
Color: Bay
D.O.B.: August 30, 2020
Sex: Female

A good-sized filly, beautiful, calm and with correct gaits.

Daughter of Rainha (MAC), an exceptional grey brood mare from Coudelaria Coimbra (Portugal) revised with 72.50 points. Awarded at the Lusitano International Exhibition in 2006 with the most important award to a broodmare: recognition of the quality of her progeny represented by Zainha Interagro (by Ofensor MV) and Antigonus Interagro (by Quixote Interagro).
Rainha´s blood is preserved at Interagro by the females used in our genetic program; in addition to the now deceased Xibita (by Rocinante Interagro), Zainha and Duqueza Interagro (by Quixote Interagro), Gioconda Interagro, full sister of Zainha and revised with 74 points, are part of the breeding group; the young Janota Interagro (by Baldor Interagro) and Ressalva Interagro (by Luca Interagro). Rainha´s descendants are very functional and of excellent rideability, among them stands out Firmador Interagro (by Ofensor MV), the main working horse of the farm, very agile, balanced and with an excellent walk, which guaranteed him good placements in the in-house dressage tests. And Heracles, awarded in Working Equitation.

Sired by Luca Interagro, an above-average stallion, with a very sporty conformation and gaits and with great coverage without leaving the breed’s typicality. Luca is a son of Viheste (AR) with Callas Interagro, a 70-point broodmare by Nirvana Interagro and Ordenada Interagro, who also produced Zepelim Interagro, stallion with a solid career in Classical Dressage and Vereador Interagro, who was awarded in Driving.