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Reverendo Interagro, grey Purebred Lusitano foal sold at the 2021 Interagro Yearlings Collection/Photo: TUPA
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Reverendo Interagro


Sire: Gladiador Interagro
Dam: Guria Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: September 18, 2020
REG.: 8541-MN
Sex: Male

A sporty type colt, Reverendo has a lot of class, good size and gaits with an emphasis on the walk, of great quality for his age. He is out of Guria Interagro, a beautiful chestnut brood mare revised with 75 points, Guria has great structure and temperament. Guria is a daughter of Salus (VAN), mare imported as an adult from Portugal. Salus is a large mare with very good gaits and has an excellent temperament. Retired in 2021, Salus has six daughters integrated into our breeding program: Guria Interagro, Jangada Interagro and Labareda Interagro, all of them chestnuts. In addition to the full sisters NannyOpulenta II and Revisora, all grey by Gladiador Interagro.

His sire is Gladiador Interagro, a stallion with impressive gaits and suspension combined with extreme beauty, got 74.50 points in revision even before he was 6 years old. Gladiador is the son of the stallion of merit and Progeny Champion Ofensor (MV) with Virgínia Interagro, a beautiful mare with two daughters, full sisters of Gladiador, included in our herd: Dondoca Interagro and Electra Interagro. Virginia’s eldest son, Bombadil Interagro, was sold to the US where he competed in Dressage with scores above 69%. With Baldor Interagro (by Ofensor MV) Virginia had Hermus Interagro who competed in Dressage and Working Equitation before being exported.