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Universus Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos

Universus Interagro


Sire: Visqueiro (CI)
Dam: Ópera II (MV)
Colour: Grey
DOB: 11/Nov/2000
Height: 1,59 m/ 15.2 1/2 h

About his father, Visqueiro (CI), please follow this link. Universus Interagro is a beautiful, very typical young Lusitano horse, with a dashing presence, arrogance and ‘-spirit’ revealing, since this tender age, a very promising future stallion. Universus Intragro was born out of the marriage of the Quina stallion Visqueiro (CI) with Ópera II (MV), a mare with Firme (SA)’s blood bred by the Coudelaria Veiga of Portugal. Besides Universus, Ópera (MV), still a young mare, has had so far four offspring: Tartesso Interagro (with Emir II (MV)); Vulgata Interagro (with Nectar (MAC)) and Xelim Interagro (with Ofensor (MV)). His pedigree shows a Lusitano bullfighting legacy duly reflected in his morphology and masculine presence. Universus is a living demonstration of the results achieved by the objective selection process conducted by Quina. Although preserving all the attributes of the typical bullfighter, Universus Interagro is at the same time a strong, well develop animal with plenty of bones and a extremely good temperament; in other words, a horse who has recuperated the athletic and physical strength of the ancient Lusitano without loosing its character and forms. Universus Interagro has all the qualities to become a first class stallion in any Lusitano breeding program in the world. With his good temperament and movements Universus Interagro can also become a top quality dressage and saddle horse.


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