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Urrante Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos

Urrante Interagro


Sire: Profano Interagro
Dam: Menina do Mirante
DOB: 01/Sep/2000
Colour: Bay
Height: 1,61 m/ 15.3 1/2 hh

Exceptional young stallion with impeccable pedigree. Urrante Interagro harmoniously blends in his veins the blood from the Firme/Novilheiro heritage, and the Xique Xique/Quina lineage tempered by the admixture of a touch of the best CN functional strain that his mother Menina do Mirante always transmits to her offspring. From his father Profano Interagro, he carries not only the blood of ancestors like Legendário do Mirante, Novilheiro (MV) and Firme (SA) but also of Cigana (MLC) the most important amongst Interagro’s mares. By his ancestors, Cigana (MLC) and Novilheiro (MV), Profano Interagro transmits twice the blood of the exceptional Toleirona (MV), the most famous Veiga mare of all times. From his mother Menina do Mirante, a top Interagro mare, who begot several important sons (see text for Tartufo Interagro), Urrante receives the genetic power of the fabulous Xique Xique (CI), Níquel (BF) and Janota II (OS) founding stallions and mare of the Interagro lineage. It will be very difficult to find another young 4 year-old horse of such beauty, arrogance and with his enviable pedigree, qualities which make of Urrante Interagro a top quality stallion who will certainly shine in any Lusitano stud in the World. The reason why Urrante Interagro is included in the 2004 Collection is that Interagro will be able to continue to use, very intensively, his father and his maternal brothers by Cigana (MLC), thus making sure that these bloodlines will be definitively incorporated into the Interagro Horse.