Martina Irene Brandes
Since 2007
Martina Irene Brandes, started at the horse world in her childhood, by the age 6, was carried by the passion for these noble animals. By the middle of 2007 she moved herself to Holambra city and started her job at Interagro’s team in August.
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Johnny Miranda
Since 1996
Currently participates in Classic Dressage and Working Equitation tests. Started his career at Interagro aged 15 as an apprentice and today is one of the main riders at the "picadeiro". During this time, he was responsible for the training of some of our stallions, as Ofensor MV, Quínio Interagro, Profano Interagro, Noblíssimo Interagro, and others.
Veja Mais
Edmar Brito
Since 2001
Started receiving tutoring at the age of 14, has presented horses in auctions and competed in dressage tests since 2004.
Veja Mais
Patricia Gelain Brito
Since 2003
Initiated at Interagro "kids riding school" in 2003. She is the first woman to join the Picadeiro's Team since the beginning in 2005.
Alexandre de Souza
Since 2009
Alexandre started riding with his father Antônio Mariano de Souza when he was just 4 years old; his first horse was Morabito do Mirante. Since 2013 participates in clinics with Jorge Sousa. Also competed at Driving winning the prize "Brasil Hipismo 2013" at 2 classes with pairs: Dressage and Cones.
Jair Rodrigues de Oliveira
Since 2014
Jair has worked as a groom at Interagro before, always under the supervision of Johnny Miranda, taking care of his horses and helping with the Young horses. He left the farm to study and returned on 2014. He currently helps Johnny Miranda with his horses, especially in the taming phase of the young horses.
Taís Brito
Since 2015
Tais started her riding lessons in 2014. Soon she was hired as a groom and helped Pia Aragão. From 2009 to 2010, she helped with the horses of Martina Brandes. In 2015, after devoting her time studying, she returned to be part of Interagro team as her brother's Edmar Brito groom.
Ana Carla de Souza
Vet tech
Since 2009
Ana Carla started at Interagro Kids Riding School when she was 17 and at 19 years old was hired to help grooming the horses. In 2009 became Martina Brandes's groom. In 2014 she started her studies at Vet-University and was transferred from the barn to the vet team taking care of our brood-mares and foals, a good way to help her achieve more experience as vet tech.
Jorge Sousa
Teacher / Riding Instructor


Antonio Mariano de Souza
Driver & Groom
Since 1988
Having been in Interagro for almost 2 decades, he used to work with the dairy cattle and, as this activity came to an end, he was transferred to the Stud Farm. Head of the Picadeiro for more than 10 years, he took a period of training in Portugal with Jorge Souza in 1994 and a Driving Course at the Coudelaria de Alter in 1998. He dedicates himself to the whole range of Driving activities, from breaking foals to the most advanced training. His first test in Brazil was a four-in-hand, but these days, in the farm, he harnesses 6, 8 and 10 animals together. Also, he now gives tutoring courses to coachmen and horses.
Fábio Roberto da Silva
Driver & Groom
Since 2001
He is responsible for the maintenance of carriages and harnesses, besides being a groom.
Valentim M. de Brito
Driver & Groom
Since 1986
Initiated his career in Interagro still in the dairy cattle days. He was responsible for looking after the brood mares for more than one decade, being transferred to the Picadeiro in 2001 to train the young horses. Because of his enormous sensitivity and excellent animal handling capabilities, he was incorporated to the driving team in 2007. Valentim also shows our horses in halter classes and prepares the foals for our annual auctions. He is the father of the rider Edmar.

Office Team

Rafaela Meibach Montora
Since 2013
Bruno Braghetta Alibrando
Lead Veterinarian
Since 2016
Dr. Alibrando graduated from Anhembi Morumbi University in 2003 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and completed his residency in 2016 with a focus on large animal clinics and surgery at Anhembi Morumbi Vet Hospital. Serving as the primary vet for Interagro Farms, Dr. Alibrando’s focus is on clinical and surgical practices, equine reproduction, and complementing protocols such as ultrasound and radiology. He is also a coordinator and speaker for Equine Clinical Studies at ATP Veterinary Medicine and is the lead vet of the Vet Equi Sport Team.
Ana Claudia de Souza
office assistant
Since 2007
Ana is responsible for the horses’ paperwork and documentations for shows and competitions. Like her father she knows every pedigree and bloodline and helps keeping the website information constantly updated. Her father is Antônio Mariano de Souza from the Driving Team, her brother Alexandre is one of the apprentices and her sister Ana Carla is Pia Aragão’s groom.