1st phase of 2018 CBH Driving Ranking & Derby

Date: April 27th, 2018 at Centro Hípico de Tatuí, SP, Brazil

Results Cones

Champion Beginners/Single Division: Mrs. Renata Cerqueira with Demócrito Interagro


Champion Professional/Single Division: Mr. Antônio M. de Souza with Jackpot Interagro

Professional Pairs:
1st place – Mr. Valentim M. de Brito with Crispim Interagro and Comanche Interagro
2nd place – Mr. Fábio R. da Silva with Demócrito Interagro and Cagliostro Interagro

Quadra_Baios_Ietapa_2018_-9 (2)

Champion Professional Four-in-hand Division: Mr. Antônio Mariano de Souza with  Demócrito Interagro, Cagliostro Interagro, Crispim Interagro e Comanche Interagro

Results Derby

Champion Beginners/Pairs: Mr. Eduard Schönburg with Demócrito Interagro e Cagliostro Interagro

Professional Single Division: 2nd place Mr. Antônio Mariano de Souza with Jackpot Interagro

Professional Pairs Division

2nd place – Mr. Fábio R. da Silva with Demócrito Interagro e Cagliostro Interagro

3rd place –  Mr. Valentim M. de Brito with Crispim Interagro e Comanche Interagro

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