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25th Purebred Lusitano International Show

Interagro Lusitano awarded 2nd Best Breeder of the 25th International Lusitano Show from May 24th to 28th at Hípica de Santo Amaro, São Paulo, Brazil.

With only 13 entries including the 4 driving horses Interagro made 217 points (159 in morphology classes and 58 at competitions). Among the exhibitors Interagro Lusitanos placed 5th with 145 points.

Best Head

Appiano Interagro – at the picture – (Quixote Interagro x Ustica Interagro), bred and owned by Interagro Lusitanos won the Best Head of the 25th Lusitano International Show.

Expo Lusitano 2006_Appiano 030

Appiano Interagro


Interagro congratulates Tobias Interagro ridden by Ricardo Nardy Silva for their 1st place with the score of 65,833% at the Dressage Test (Open Class, Média I) during the 25th International Lusitano Show.


Tobias Interagro ridden by Ricardo Nardy Silva.  Photo by Ney Messi/ABPSL


Open Class – 1,00 m
1st Place – Quirógrafo Interagro and Airton Oliveira Santos


Interagro´s Driving – team 4 in-hand

Expo Lusitano 2006 089

Interagro presented it´s newst team: Varvito Interagro ( Quinárius Interagro x Omissa Interagro) Varano Interagro ( Quinárius Interagro x Quadriga Interagro) Vergueiro Interagro ( Quilate Interagro x Jutlândia) Viajor Interagro ( Yacht x Nikita Interagro) Driven by: Antonio Mariano de Souza Groom: Fabiano Rodrigues


The Female Champions (1 and 2 years old) from the 25th International Lusitano Show

1 year old Fillies
1st Place Gold Medal – Alba Interagro (Ofensor MV x Nevada MAC), bred and owned by Interagro Lusitanos. She also won the title of Reserve Great Champion Filly.

Alba Interagro

Alba Interagro. Photo by Ney Messi/ABPSL

2 years old Fillies
1st Place Gold Medal – Zainha Interagro Zainha Interagro (Ofensor MV x Rainha JBN), bred and owned by Interagro Lusitanos.
4th Place Silver Medal Zenóbia Interagro
9th. Place Zidna Interagro

Expo Lusitano 2006 018

Zainha Interagro


2nd. Place Gold Medal DALIA IV sold by Interagro Lusitanos to Coudelaria Alegria dos Pinhais, she´s 21 years old
6th. Place Gold Medal Notória do Mirante bred by Interagro owned by Coudelaria Rocas do Vouga

Expo Lusitano 2006 017      Notoria014

Dalia IV                                                Notória do Mirante

1 year old Males
2nd. Place Gold Medal – Amintas Interagro
3rd. Place Gold Medal – Appiano Interagro
5th. Place Silver Medal – Antigonus Interagro
9th. Place – Alvarado Interagro, bred by Interagro Lusitanos and owned by Portucale Stud Farm

Expo Lusitano 2006 amintas049                  appiano36

Amintas Interagro                                     Appiano Interagro

Expo Lusitano 2006 antigonus047               Expo Lusitano 2006 034

Alvarado Interagro                                       Antigonus Interagro

2 years old Males

8th Place – Zíngaro Interagro


Zíngaro Interagro


4th. Place Silver Medal – Tufão Interagro

Great Championship Young Mares
ALBA INTERAGRO – Reserve Champion – Bred and Owned by Interagro Lusitanos

Get of Sire
3rd Place – Quixote Interagro With: Zenóbia Interagro, Antigonus Interagro e Appiano Interagro

Get of Dam
2nd. Place – Rainha With: Zainha Interagro e Antigonus Interagro

Judges at Morphology Classes: Mr. Arsênio Raposo Cordeiro (Portugal) Dr. Filipe Figueiredo (Portugal) Mr. Francisco Bessa de Carvalho (Portugal) Mr. Cord Wassmann (Germany) Mr. Yves Manzares (France)

Expo Lusitano 2006 065