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2nd Lusitano Horse Fair of Águas de Lindóia September 4th to 7th, 2010 Águas de Lindóia – SP/Brazil

September 4th, Saturday
Breeders’ Dinner at the Villa di Mantova Hotel, awards day for Best Breeder of the Year 2009/10 (Interagro Farms) and Best Exhibitor of the Year 2009/2010 (Sasa Farm).

September 6th, Monday
11am – Stallion’s Revision
New approved stallions: Baliel Interagro (Champion of the Champions of the Festival), Briareus Interagro, Bungo Interagro, Bruxo Interagro and Baldor Interagro bred and owned by Interagro. Besides Xolner Interagro owned by Ana Rita Bittencourt.

16h – Driving
Two driving pairs Solitário & Varvito Interagro and Xador & Xilógrafo Interagro were presented in an obstacle course (maneuverability), driven by Antonio Mariano de Souza and Fabio Roberto da Silva as groom. The technical director of ABRAT (Brazilian Driving Association), Susana Cintra, explained to the public what is Driving, about the path and its details. After the presentation she invited  the audience for test drive under Antonio Mariano de Souza supervision. Breeders, curious and practitioners could drive  both marathon Interagro’s cars between the obstacles.


2nd Class – 2 years old Colts
3rd Place – Gold Medal – Editor Interagro (Ofensor MV x Queen Interagro)

EditorInteragro_Expo 2010_NM (97)

Editor Interagro

3rd. Class – 3 years old Colts
2nd. Place – Gold Medal – Destinado Interagro (Noblíssimo Interagro x Morgada)
3rd. Place – Gold Medal – Demolidor Interagro (Ofensor MV x Umbelina Interagro)
4th. Place – Gold Medal – Ditator Interagro (Ofensor MV x Nevada)

5th. Class – Adult Horses
1st Place – Gold Medal – Baliel Interagro (Noblíssimo Interagro x Thelesis Interagro)
3rd place – Gold Medal – Astyages Interagro (Ofensor MV x Miga)

Champion of the Champions: Baliel Interagro

BalielInteragro_Expo 2010_NM (34)

Baliel Interagro

Best Breeders of the show:
1. Sasa Farm JE – 194 points
2. Villa Retiro – 137 points
3. Interagro Farms – 135 points

Best Exhibitors of the show:
1.      Sasa Farm  – 199 points
2.      Interagro Farms – 125 points
3.      Villa Retiro – 102 points

September 7th, Sunday

After a ceremony the “Golegã  Square” was officially inaugurated. Some of the breeders put their brands on the base of the monument.  Participation of:  Interagro Farms, Haras das Mangueiras, Coudelaria do Castanheiro, Sasa Farm, Haras da Prata, Haras Juruá e Haras LS Itirapina.


“Monumento ao Cavalo”  inauguration, a steel sculpture with a fountain surrounded by water and around it the breeder’s brands.


Baliel Interagro & Pia Aragão


Xador and Xilógrafo Interagro driven by Antonio Mariano de Souza and groom Fábio Roberto da Silva.


Sasa Farm (Best Exhibitor of the Year) & Interagro Farms (Best Breeder of the Year)