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A day at Destination Lusitano

Picadeiro Interagro/Tupa
Picadeiro Interagro/Tupa

1) Wake up in your private villa on the farm and enjoy a breakfast of fresh fruit and fruit juice, home-baked bread, and other typical dishes.
2) Visit the barn where the dressage and working equitation horses are housed. Choose your ride for the morning: a trail ride, a dressage lesson, or maybe a bit of working equitation.
3) Enjoy the knowledge of the Interagro staff, who can not only introduce you to your horse, but to that horse’s sire, dam, brothers, sisters, and sometimes offspring!
4) Take a midday walk or jog on Interagro’s miles of trails, which criss cross the rolling tropical landscape and are full of unique flora and fauna
5) Enjoy your lunch at the villa or at the barn, where only the freshest Brazilian cuisine is served!
6) Take some time to lie by your villa’s pool in the afternoon, enjoying Brazil’s ample sunshine.
7) Take another ride on a Lusitano, enjoy the scenery from the seat of a carriage pulled by a team of Lusitanos, or visit with Interagro’s herds of young horses and broodmares where they graze in the lush fields.
8) Enjoy the last hours of the day with a glass of wine and more todie-for cuisine before retiring after a day in paradise!

For further information email us at interagro@interagro.com.br