Buying Power: Interagro Lusitanos Matches Quality and Selection with Economic Advantage

With the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics on the horizon, exceptional natural beauty, and a rich equestrian culture, Brazil has recently become an ideal destination for horse lovers. In addition to its long-standing draws for equestrians, the country can now offer exceptionally attractive, once in a lifetime buying opportunities to foreign buyers. Due to the evolution of the political situation in Brazil, and with the ephemeral and constantly shifting economic situation, the Brazilian currency – the Real – is beginning to react. Therefore it is to the buyer’s advantage to seize this window of opportunity and reap the benefits of the extremely favorable exchange rate.

In a perfect storm of economic conditions, this equestrian paradise now commingles with the advantageous situation produced by the devaluation of the emerging markets’ currencies. With the US Dollar at the unprecedented exchange rate of almost four times the Brazilian Real, smart buyers are seizing this window of opportunity to acquire exceptional horses from the large Interagro selection at very reasonable dollar prices. Recently, the current price range for horses under saddle averages between 15,000-30,000USD, which is significantly less than former corresponding Real values due to the shift in exchange rate.


Interagro operates “Destination Lusitano”, a hospitality program designed to welcome clients interested in checking, riding, training or inspecting horses for possible acquisition. The guests will enjoy the utopian environment offered by Interagro’s 450-hectare breeding farm that has so far produced more than 2,600 Lusitanos, of which some 500 yearlings, colts, fillies, and broodmares presently can be seen roaming freely in luxuriant pastures.

With more than 260 horses exported just to the US, Interagro has developed an extremely efficient and reliable export program. Clients who cannot travel to Brazil, but do not wish to lose this opportunity, can contact Interagro’s sales representatives abroad. They assist in selecting the ideal horse for each prospective buyer, and will assist with all of the legal, bureaucratic and export procedures involved until the horse is released from quarantine at its destination.

Interagro’s horses for sale can be seen at this link and on Facebook Fan Page. To organize a trip to Brazil or for any questions regarding sales or the logistics of importing horses to the US, do not hesitate to contact Interagro.

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