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Coleção Interagro 2012 results

Leilão Coleção Interagro 2012 (August 2012) – RESULTS
07-diacono IMG_0493
Average price for adults USD 7,250.00 
Highest price: Diácono Interagro USD 14,440.00


3-hamilcar IMG_6077


 Average price for foals/fillies USD 1,700.00
Highest price: Hamilcar Interagro USD 7,200.00

Horses sold: Euforia do Vouga, Carnaval do Vouga, Copérnico Interagro, Dervixe Interagro, Diácono Interagro, Diamond do Mito, Dracon Interagro, Dali Interagro *, Zizifo Interagro*, Dream do Vouga and Dynamic do Vouga.

Yearlings sold:  Hercília Interagro, Hegira Interagro, Hippie Interagro, Hegemonia do Vouga, Harmônica do Vouga, Herança do Vouga, Heroína do Vouga, Herodes Interagro, Honesto Interagro, Haxixe Interagro, Hamilcar Interagro, Hidalgo Interagro, Hippus Interagro, Hades Interagro, Heliodoro Interagro, Harad Interagro, Hórus Interagro, Havano Interagro, Hermético Interagro, Heliogabalus Interagro, Herculano Interagro, Hamilton Interagro, Huguenote Interagro, Hemisfério do Vouga, Hermès do Vouga, Hábil do Vouga and Hostil do Vouga. 

Horses not sold: Hipócrates Interagro, Haragano Interagro, Heraldo Interagro, Hiero Interagro, Hitita Interagro, Hadrian Interagro, Honos Interagro, Hawk Interagro, and Exclusive do Vouga.
* horses sold after the auction
Winner of Ipad: Mr. Sandro Mistro.
Sold for other states/countries: 14 horses
430 Guests