Belisario Interagro and Kate Poulin in his Grand Prix debut
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Belisário Interagro Debuts at FEI Grand Prix in the USA

Belisario Interagro and Kate Poulin in his Grand Prix debut

Belisário Interagro Debuts at FEI Grand Prix in the USA

Delaware, Ohio (September 22, 2017) – The legacy of success for Interagro’s progeny across international borders continued this summer, as Katherine Poulin debuted her stallion Belisario Interagro at the FEI Grand Prix. Following consistent scores and performances in the Small Tour, Poulin decided to officially commence Belisario’s Grand Prix career at the Mid Ohio Classic I in July with scores through 68.5%. In August she and Belisario once again went down the centerline at Grand Prix during the Ohio Dressage Society’s Down Centerline 3 & 4, with scores to 67%. In their final competition before the 2018 season in Wellington, Poulin and Belisario were the Reserve Champions in Intermediare II, won the Grand Prix, and placed third in the Open Grand Prix Championship class. Despite qualifying for National Championships at Grand Prix after just a few outings, Poulin has opted to rest Belisario this fall in preparation for Florida’s winter season.

The coming 12-year-old Lusitano was born and bred at Interagro’s stud and training facility in Itapira, Brazil, before being exported to the US for the 2010 Lusitano Collection International Horse Auction in Wellington, Florida as a 5-year-old. Poulin, who is the daughter of international dressage’s Michael and Sharon Poulin, was impressed by the 5-year-old Belisario’s rideability and athleticism, which led to her ultimately purchase the stallion and train him through the Grand Prix.


Belisário Interagro and Kate Poulin


Belisário Interagro as a 5-year-old in Brazil (Photo courtesy of Tupa)

Poulin notes his temperament and joy for his work was one of the major factors that contributes to Belisario’s success in dressage. “He loves his job and is always so focused,” she stated. “This combined with his talent, movement, and intelligence made him super easy to bring up the levels. I was thrilled to be able to finally show off his natural talent for piaffe and passage! This horse is really a true partner, and riding and training him has given me an even deeper understanding of what dressage is really all about.”

Interagro has built a long history of successful international sporthorses which spans nearly two decades and 4 continents. Their breeding program focuses on not only physical talent, beauty, and movement for the FEI disciplines, but also on temperament, work ethic, and intelligence; Belisario is no exception to this high standard. By Quixote Interagro and out of Urzelina Interagro, Belisario inherited his sire’s color, conformation, elegance, and charisma. As a young stallion, he displayed elastic, engaged gaits and superior rideability, as well as a temperament that made him easy to ride even among the farm’s broodmare lined fields.


Along with his brother, Quantum Interagro, Belisario’s sire Quixote Interagro is one of two sons of the fantastic Danubio III (MV) to enter the Interagro breeding shed. Quixote’s exceptional qualities have made him one of the most important stallions at Interagro; he and other horses from the Danubio line consistently deliver superior results required by Interagro’s stringent selection process. Quixote was approved as a stallion with a score of 79 points, including a 9 for his exceptional gaits. His long list of offspring who have been sold in Brazil and abroad are a testament to his legacy as well as Interagro’s as they continue to be a benchmark for the evolution and development of the Lusitano sporthorse.


With over 40 years of experience breeding, training, and exporting Lusitanos, Interagro’s mission is to preserve the exceptional bloodlines and qualities of the breed while showcasing their talent, beauty, and intelligence, especially in the FEI and sport horse disciplines. Established in 1975 by Dr. Paulo Gavião Gonzaga, Interagro’s initial vision was to preserve and restore the original foundational Lusitano bloodlines and lineages, many of which were in danger of extinction following the Portuguese Revolution of 1974. Through meticulous breeding, exceptional care, and world-class training, the Interagro Lusitanos of today continue that legacy as they compete across four continents.

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