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1st phase of Interagro Dressage Ranking

Caudilho Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos

1st phase of Interagro Dressage Ranking

April 13th, 2017 at Interagro Dressage Arena
Judge: Mr. Sérgio de Fiori


Training Level 

Indus_Rkn_Interno_abr17-121st place Edmar Martins de Brito & Indus Interagro

Jerezano_Rkn_Interno_abr17-82nd place Antonio Souza & Jerezano Interagro

Janitor_Rkn_Interno_abr17-222nd place Alcimar Godoi & Janitor Interagro

Firmador_Rkn_Interno_abr17-164th place Jair Souza & Firmador Interagro

Jackpot_Rkn_Interno_abr17-255th place Antonio Souza & Jackpot Interagro

Herbert_Rkn_Interno_abr17-66th place Antonio Souza & Herbert Interagro

First Level 

Hectar_Rkn_Interno_abr17-171st place Alexandre Souza & Hectar Interagro

Idalio_Rkn_Interno_abr17-72nd place Edmar Martins de Brito & Idálio Interagro

Hawk_Rkn_Interno_abr17-33rd place Alexandre Souza & Hawk Interagro

Fauno_Rkn_Interno_abr17-64th place Johnny Miranda & Fauno Interagro

Hanibal_Rkn_Interno_abr17-75th place Johnny Miranda & Hanibal Interagro

Eros_Rkn_Interno_abr17-46th place Alexandre Souza & Eros Interagro

Second Level 

Canaletto_Rkn_Interno_abr17-61st place Johnny Miranda & Canaletto Interagro

Hadrian_Rkn_Interno_abr17-162nd place Edmar Martins de Brito & Hadrian Interagro

Caudilho_Rkn_Interno_abr17-53rd place Alexandre Souza & Caudilho Interagro

Third Level

Herodotus_Rkn_Interno_abr17-8Edmar Martins de Brito & Herodotus Interagro

Fourth Level

Empreiteiro_Rkn_Interno_abr17-2Edmar Martins de Brito & Empreiteiro Interagro

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