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I am interested in purchasing a Lusitano under 16 hands

Quilate II Interagro, grey Purebred Lusitano gelding for sale/Photo: TUPA

I am interested in purchasing a Lusitano for dressage. The horse should be under saddle, of good temperament, and 16.0 hands or less. I have ridden warmbloods in the past and prefer the size, tractability and movement of Lusitanos. Please send me a sales list.

The horses available at the moment are:

All adult horses (3 YO and older) under saddle are tested for piroplamosis and x-rayed prior to training to determine the soundness and viability of the particular horse to perform to his optimum ability whilst in training or solely for our use. Clients are responsible for the pre purchase vet check and X-rays at their expense.

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