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I am looking for a horse suitable for an adult amateur competitor

Platão Interagro/Ernesto Photography

Our fully trained horses in Brazil were all sold. The young horses under saddle can be seen at the Lusitanos for sale area of this website

If you are in the US, please take a look at Platão Interagro, located in Loxahatchee. Platão is a very impressive and has excellent gaits and impulsion. He is very calm and cooperative like the vast majority of Empreiteiro´s sons and has show experience, currently competing at Third Level.

Lusitanos under saddle are all x-rayed prior to training to determine the soundness and viability to perform to his optimum ability whilst in training or solely for our use. Clients are responsible for the pre purchase vet check and X-rays at their expense. 

Our price list is revised and updated every 1st week of each month and horses priced accordingly to their development in training. Detailed information at this post  


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