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If I buy a stallion can you geld before shipping ?


I am looking for a gelding, if you don’t have one, can I buy a stallion and geld it?
Horses purchased from Interagro and kept at the farm must be insured by the buyer, and all vet, farrier, boarding, and other expenses are also the responsibility of the buyer.  Interagro offers training and boarding options for horses purchased, but does not offer veterinary or any other services.  Any surgeries, including geldings, performed on horses purchased from Interagro before exportation must take place at a vet hospital with all expenses paid by the buyer.  All potential risks and dangers must be accepted in writing by the purchaser, and Interagro cannot be held responsible for the horse’s care during the operation or recovery.  Once a horse is gelded, Interagro cannot reimburse the buyer the full purchase price, should it be demanded, and it is highly recommended that stallions purchased in Brazil are gelded in the United States or the country of importation.
If I buy a stallion how much more does it cost to ship than a gelding? 
The shipping expenses are the same no matter what gender, stallion or gelding. They charge per animal.

Due to the increase in demand, most of our Lusitanos are all gelded before starting under saddle.

Geldings available at the moment:

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