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Brazil Nationals – a Showcase for Interagro

Interagro Lusitanos made headlines at the Nationals again – this time at home in Brazil.

Last year seven Interagro horses flew in to the United States to take many prizes at the Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association Show in Fort Worth. In December, Interagro horses took the stage in São Paulo where judges included João Pedro Rodrigues and Francisco Bessa de Carvalho of Portugal and Davi Carrano of Brazil.

Due to the breeding season Interagro showed just 14 horses in the morphology/halter classes instead of their usual entry of 30 to 35. In spite of the relatively small contingent, 75 percent were placed in the top six.

Most of them were offspring of the stallions from Interagro’s headquarters in Brazil. Photographs of these stallions and information on their bloodlines are in the Gallery of Stallions.

Halter Classes/Morphology


Samurai Interagro by Noblissimo Interagro
2nd Place Best head
5th Place Two-year-old colts
Rabisco Interagro by Faraó (JHC)
2nd Place Three-year-old colts
Rocinante Interagro by Distinto (MAC)
5th Place Three-year-old colts
Profano Interagro by Legendario do Mirante
2nd Place Stallions (five years old & under)
Obtuso Interagro by Yacht (SA)
6th Place Stallions (over five years old)


Sofisma Interagro by Faraó (JHC)
2nd Place Two-year-old fillies
Rachel Interagro by Noblissimo Interagro
Winner Three-year-old fillies
Rhea Interagro by Noblissimo Interagro
3rd Place Three-year-old fillies


Portuguese Riding

Narsil Interagro with Nuno Souza Araujo
3rd Place Advanced Level
Ohtar Interagro with Nuno Souza Araujo
5th Place Beginners Level


Obtuso Interagro with Andre Ganc
Winner Intermediate Level

Breeders and Exhibitors Awards

Interagro won 3rd place in both Best Breeder and Best Exhibitor categories.

Archive: July 2001