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Brazil’s Pia Aragão Rides to First Place and the EquiSafe Fencing International Dressage Achievement Award

Wellington, FL (March 13, 2015) – As the sport of dressage has spread across continents, it is always fantastic to see riders from all around the globe converge in one place to compete and share in the universal culture of the equestrian world. Pia Aragão is one of those international riders who came from Brazil to ride in the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida. Aragão and her equine teammate Zepelim Interagro had impressive rides over the weekend, catching the attention of EquiSafeUS Fencing representatives, who were on-site as the Official Fence of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. EquiSafeUS presented Aragão with the EquiSafe International Dressage Achievement Award for her impressive results while showing in Florida.

The EquiSafe International Dressage Achievement Award was developed by EquiSafeUS to recognize riders who made the journey to South Florida from a country outside of the United States. Aragão and her 11-year-old Puro Sangue Lusitano stallion performed beautifully in both the FEI Grand Prix and the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle, placing third and first respectfully. “He is still a newcomer in this level,” said Aragão after the FEI Grand Prix, “We had a few hiccups in the tempi, but he is trying hard and I am pleased with him.”

Zepelim Interagro is one of many fantastic Lusitano horses that are bred by Interagro Lusitanos, a celebrated breeder that follows the modern identifiers for Lusitanos— producing gorgeous horses of the highest standards. Aragão works with Interagro Lusitanos, training up the horses from a young age and riding them in the show ring. “I’ve been riding with Interagro since 2002. We have a long term relationship,” said Aragão, “I’ve been with these horses since they were practically born.”

Aragão is excited about making the long journey to compete in Florida with Interagro Lusitanos horses. “I love it,” said Aragão of her experience here so far, “I think it’s so interesting and important to compete at the Global Dressage Festival. It’s a huge step forward for my horses to mature in big arenas, and I’m very happy we could make it up here.” Aragão and her Zepelim Interagro are looking forward to a bright future when they return to Brazil. They will be preparing for some even bigger arenas and setting some high goals for themselves. “Next year we have the Olympics in Brazil and that’s the big, big goal. The big dream,” smiled Aragão.


Photo: Brazil’s Pia Aragão wins the EquiSafe International Dressage Achievement Award at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival (Photo courtesy of JRPR)