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Carlos Alexandre de Souza – Rider


Alexandre started riding with his father Antônio Mariano de Souza when he was just 4 years old; his first horse was Morabito do Mirante.

At the age of 6, he rode Omisso Interagro at an Auction in São Paulo under his father’s supervision.

Alexandre used to have riding classes with Mauricio Delucchi at his school vacations for years.

In 2009 he started to work at Interagro Farms, always under the supervision of  Interagro´s head-trainer Martina Brandes.

Since 2012 his daily training was guided by Pia Aragão and Martina Brandes. Also started to train and compete at Working Equitation and from 2013 on Alexandre participates in Working Equitation and Dressage Clinics with Jorge Sousa (POR).
Being a very versatile rider, he competes with success in Working Equitation, Dressage and Driving with the horses listed below.


2019: Laertes Interagro

2018: Laertes Interagro

2017: Feitor Interagro
Champion of 2017 ABPSL´s Working Equitation Ranking at Novice A division with Hector Interagro
Vice-Champion of 2017 Brazilian Working Equitation Championship/Cia. de ET at Novice A disvision with Hector Interagro

2016: Hurricane Interagro, Héracles Interagro, Horácio Interagro, Feitor Interagro

Champion of 2015 Brazilian Working Equitation Ranking/Cia. de ET at Beginners division with Diretor Interagro
5th place at 2015 Brazilian Working Equitation Ranking/Cia de ET at Beginners diviosion with Feitor Interagro

2014: Ditador Interagro, Estival Interagro, Diretor Interagro


2019: Luca InteragroHectar Interagro, Leucon Interagro

2018: Idálio Interagro, Hectar Interagro, Hanibal Interagro, Luca Interagro, Ladino Interagro, Leucon Interagro

2017: Hectar Interagro, Caudilho Interagro, Icarus Interagro, Jaipur Interagro, Hector Interagro, Feitor Interagro, Hawk Interagro

2016: Hector Interagro, Caudilho Interagro

2014: Zizifo Interagro, Vade-Mecum Interagro

2012: Zizifo Interagro, Vade-Mecum Interagro

2011: Zizifo Interagro

2010: Zizifo Interagro

2009: Ubtuso Interagro, Zíngaro Interagro


2014 – Prêmio Brasil Hipismo 2013  Cones/Beginners Pairs with Comanche Interagro & Crispim Interagro