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Christmas at Interagro/2007


Carroussel with all the riders

On December 22nd, 2007 a special dressage test took place at Interagro dressage’s open arena. All competitors rode with Chritsmas related costumes. Not only the professional riders competed, but also the guys from the mares, the kids from the riding school and some grooms.

Rider and horses were evaluated by a technical board of invited judges: Mrs. Pia Aragão, Ms. Martina Brandes and Mr. Sergio de Fiori, the artistic invited judges were: Mrs. Érika Bloem, Mrs. Tatiana Cury and Mr. Christiano Rainer.

The big winner was Miss Annsofi Matsson – our Christmas gift riding the stallion Xazan Interagro! Second place for Mr. Luan Brito from the kid’s riding school riding the stallion Quixote Interagro, 3rd place to Miss Louise Wesstrom “Snowflake” riding the stallion Zippo Interagro. 4th place to Miss Daiana Silva – our angel – is one of our grooms and rode the gelding Quilate Interagro. 5th Place to Miss Rosvita Sydow – the Holy Mary riding the stallion Xibano Interagro.


Annsofi Matsson & Xazan Interagro – the big winner with score 100% for costume

After the test the prizing ceremony was made by a wonderful presentation of our driving team, all of them dressed as Santa Claus. All riders were prized by Pia Aragão.

The party ended with our traditional Christmas barbecue to all our team’s familes and distribution of the Christmas gifts to all of them.


Antonio Mariano de Souza and Valentim D. Martins de Brito bringing the prizes offered by Mrs. Pia Aragão to all competitors.