CHSA Orlando Facada Dressage Cup – Results of Interagro Lusitanos

CHSA Orlando Facada Dressage Cup
October 08, 2022 at CHSA – Santo Amaro Horse Club, São Paulo – SP, Brazil
Judges: Mrs. Claudia Moreira de Mesquita, Mrs. Natacha Waddel and Mrs. Sandra Oliveira Martins

Second Level:

1st place: Matreiro Interagro & Edmar Brito (67,698 %)

Third Level:

1st place: Lavagante Interagro & Edmar Brito (68,125 %)

Competition for 4-year-old horses:

1st place: Oscar Interagro & Edmar Brito (80,000 %)

2nd place: Orville Interagro & Alexandre de Souza (71,200 %)

Training Level:

1st place: Oásis Interagro & Alexandre de Souza (66,782 %)

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