CHSA Orlando Facada Dressage Cup – Results of Interagro Lusitanos

CHSA Orlando Facada Dressage Cup

September 3rd, 2022 at CHSA – Santo Amaro Horse Club, São Paulo – SP, Brazil
Judges: Mrs. Claudia Moreira de Mesquita, Mrs. Natacha Waddel and Mr. Rodolpho Riskalla

On the first week of September, right after the 2022 Interagro Yearlings Collection five of our Lusitanos competed at the CHSA Orlando Facada Dressage Cup held at Santo Amaro Horse Club in São Paulo, Brazil. Amongst the five horses, there were 3 sons of Fellini Interagro: the newcomers Oásis Interagro and Oscar Interagro and Orville Interagro being showed for the second time. Besides Fellini’s sons also competed the stallions Matreiro Interagro and Lavagante Interagro with the following results:

Oásis Interagro & Alexandre Souza: Training Level – 2nd place (68,908 %)


Oscar Interagro & Edmar Brito/Martina Brandes

Oscar Interagro & Edmar Brito: Competition for 4-year-old horses – 1st place (79,000 %)


Orville Interagro & Alexandre Souza/Martina Brandes

Orville Interagro & Alexandre Souza: Competition for 4-year-old horses – 2nd place (72,800 %)

Matreiro Interagro & Edmar Brito: Second Level – 1st place (69,431 %)


Lavagante Interagro & Edmar Brito/Martina Brandes

Lavagante Interagro & Edmar Brito: Third Level – 1st place (69,605 %)


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