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Edmar Brito – Rider


Started receiving tutoring at the age of 14, has presented horses in auctions and  competed in dressage tests since 2004.

He had clinics with Johan Zagers, Belgian trainer established in Germany, together with Pia Aragão, from 2005 to 2007. And from 2006 – 2011, also had clinics with Mrs Heather Bender (USA) .

Since 2013 participates in Working Equitation and Dressage Clinics with Jorge Sousa (POR) and daily trains with Interagro´s head trainer Martina Brandes.

Currently he is responsible for the training of young horses and compete in Dressage Young Horses classes to Small Tour as shown below.

Working Equitation

2019: Incrível Interagro

2018: Incrível Interagro, Empreiteiro Interagro

2017: Incrível InteragroHermus InteragroHerodotus Interagro, Empreiteiro Interagro


2020: Hanibal Interagro e Incrível Interagro (Forte I), Empreiteiro Interagro (Small Tour/PSG), Lavagante Interagro (CN 5 Anos), Matreiro Interagro (Preliminar)
Winner of 2020 Interagro Dressage Ranking 

2019: Lavagante InteragroFellini InteragroZíngaro InteragroEmpreiteiro Interagro.
Winner of 2019 Interagro Dressage Ranking 

2018: Lauro InteragroIncrível InteragroCaudilho InteragroEmpreiteiro Interagro, Lavagante Interagro

2017: Empreiteiro InteragroGladiador InteragroIdalio InteragroIndus InteragroHermus InteragroHadrian InteragroHerodotus InteragroHélio InteragroHamurabi Interagro

2014: Eucedo InteragroBungo InteragroDestinado Interagro

2013: Eucedo InteragroBungo InteragroDestinado Interagro

2012: Destinado InteragroBungo Interagro

2011: Bungo Interagro

2010: Astyages Interagro, Xelim Interagro

2009: Astyages Interagro, Xelim Interagro

2008: Xelim Interagro, Amintas Interagro, Zero Interagro

2007: Querer Interagro

2006: Querer Interagro

2005:  Querer InteragroRelapsa Interagro

Conformation Shows

2011: Best handler of the 3rd Lusitano Horse Festival in Águas de Lindóia, SP

2009: Best handler of the 28th International Lusitano Horse Show – CHSA (São Paulo, SP)