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From the book “The Horse in the Twentieth Century” – feature on Peter Van Borst.


‘In fact it was a live performance that brought Peter to the States when he toured with “The Company of Knights”, a spin off from the film industry in the form of a successful traveling medieval stunt act. Today he still works with live performance and commutes from his home in Texas to Las Vegas on a regular basis to work with illusionists Siegfried and Roy – ‘Masters of the Impossible’ – and their internationally renowned magic show.

Peter trained a horse he found in Mexico and tailored its repertoire for the twice-nightly theatrical act that draws audiences five nights a week to the Mirage Hotel.

The horse performs on a four feet wide path that curves out in suspension five feet above the audience. As Peter points out, on camera, you can get lucky with a shot but for repeated exhibition purposes, training is everything…

“I like films that actually feature the horse,” said Peter. “Films like the first “The Black Stallion”, a Francis Ford Coppola movie. Glen Randall and his son Corky Randall trained that horse. It was beautiful, a very pure film photographically. The horse carried the movie from the beginning to the end. That film was about a horse trainer because if it hadn’t been for a horse trainer that movie would have never been made.”‘

Peter Van Borst has an interesting background in training horses for the film industry.  There is more information about Peter Van Borst and his fascinating equestrian background.