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Cyclope (SA)


Sire: Vidago (SA)
Dam: Cybeles (SA)
D.O.B.: April 19, 1986
Color: Grey
REG.: 278-FI
Sex: Female (approved by Stud Book with 74,50 pontos)
Breeder: MARIA A. SOUSA DE V.DE ANDRADE (Portugal)
Deceased: January 12, 2016

Cyclope (SA) is a daughter of Vidago (SA), a very famous stallion grandson of Martini (SA) the son of Príncipe VIII (FCN) that formed the Andrade lineage. Cyclope (SA) is one of the most important mares at Interagro. It is widely believed that mares may have a stronger influence in any breeding program than the stallions themselves. Consequently, through their outstanding sons, they have perpetuated themselves in the pedigrees of the fortunate breeders who own them. This breed­ing axiom – entirely accepted by the Arabian horse breeders – seems to be working well at many Lusitano breeding farms. Interagro is not an exception; here a few mares, like Cigana III (MLC), Haste (SA), Biluca do Mirante and Jutlândia (SA), just to mention a few of them, are respon­sible for the birth of some of the most important stallions extensively used in our breeding program. Cyclope (SA) is one of such kind. She is undoubtedly one of the most important mares in Interagro’s breed­ing program.


1993 – Montrachet Interagro – sold (USA)
1994 – Ouvidor Interagro
1995 – Porfia Interagro
1996 – Quínio Interagro – Gold Medal at 1999 International Lusitano Show
1997 – Richebourg Interagro
1999 – Tufão Interagro – prized at Conformation and Dressage
2000 – Urgal Interagro – sold (USA), prized atJumping
2001 – Via Appia Interagro
2002 – Xieva Interagro
2003 – Zurbaran Interagro  – sold (USA)
2004 – Arges Interagro – prized at Driving
2005 – Briareus Interagro