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Legendário do Mirante


Sire:  Novilheiro (MV)
Dam: Ulisséia (RC)
Color: Grey
Height: 1,64 m/16.0 1/2 hh
D O B: February 28, 1989
REG.: 00293 – MN
Sex: Male (Stallion approved by Stud Book with 70 points)
Deceased: July 27, 2014

His sire Novilheiro MV is one of the most famous Lusitano horses of all times. Novilheiro (MV) competed on the European jumping circuit where he became the British Champion and leader of the European ranking for money-prize earned in official jumping competitions. Novilheiro MV is son of Firme (SA) on Guerrita (MV), a daughter of famous Toleirona MV.

Among Novilheiro’s many famous sons, Legendário, bred by Interagro in Brazil, and Inca (RC) from Arsênio Cordeiro’s stud are considered as the two most beautiful and, certainly, those who have produced the most numerous offspring of prime quality.

During the course given by Portuguese Stud Book representatives to Brazilian technicians in 1997, Legendário was shown as a model of the ideal morphology and functionality desired in the modern Lusitano horse.

Interagro was one of the first breeders to realize the genetic quality and the breeding potential contained in the Firme/Nilo/Novilheiro heritage.

Interagro’s interest for Novilheiro (MV) led to the acquisition of a number of Arsenio’s mares covered by this fantastic stallion. From one of these mares, Ulisséia (RC), by Palpite (MV) and Tabanca (SA) – Champion, Gold Medal in Lisbon (1984) and Champion Imported Mare in Brazil (1989) – was born Legendário do Mirante.

Arsênio Cordeiro also ceded to Interagro a group of mares descendants of Guerrita (MV), the mother of Novilheiro (MV). Carefully manipu­lating all this rare and precious genetic material, Interagro was able to fix these bloodlines, which now appear in many of its pedigrees. Legendário has twelve sons in the U.S. and many daughters included in the official Interagro brood-mare group. Needless to say that Legendário was as soon as possible used on the best Interagro mares, with excellent results. Following strictly established long-term plans it was possible to fix the Firme/Nilo/Novilheiro heritage, which now very often appears in Interagro’s pedigrees, introduced by Legendário himself and by his offspring.

Prized Offspring:

Hanibal Interagro (Working Equitation and Dressage)
Herbert Interagro (Driving and Dressage)
Profano Interagro (Dressage)
Querelado Interagro (Dressage)
Quiprocó Interagro (Working Equitation)
Quirógrafo Interagro (Working Equitation and Jumping)
Relapsa Interagro (Dressage)
Solitário Interagro (Driving)

Offspring sold:

Herbert Interagro (BRA)
Honesto Interagro (BRA) at 13th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2012
Hostil Interagro (BRA)
Hussardo Interagro (USA)
Jaipur Interagro (BRA)
Medon Interagro (Canada) at 16th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2016
Napeira Interagro (USA)
Og Interagro (BRA) – 3rd Baby Andaluz Auction – 1995
Osael Interagro (BRA) at Top Interagro Auction 1997
Overture Interagro (USA)
Peralta Interagro (USA)
Pioneiro Interagro (USA)
Preferido Interagro (USA)
Presumido Interagro (USA)
Quadrado Interagro (BRA)
Quasar Interagro (BRA) at 13th Top Interagro Auction – 2001
Queixosa Interagro
Queixoso Interagro (BRA)
Querelado Interagro (BRA)
Quilate Interagro (BRA)
Quiprocó Interagro (BRA) at 7th Top Interagro Auction – 1998
Quirógrafo Interagro (BRA) at 12th Top Interagro Auction – 2000
Quitadora Interagro (BRA) at 7th Top Interagro Auction – 1998
Redimido Interagro (BRA)
Saudosa Interagro (Ecuador)
Século V Interagro  (BRA) at 14th Top Interagro Auction – 2002
Sumário Interagro (BRA) at 14th Top Interagro Auction – 2002
Supremo Interagro (BRA)
Temido Interagro (BRA) at 15th Top Interagro Auction – 2003
Templário Interagro (Paraguay) at 15th Top Interagro Auction – 2003
Timbrado Interagro (USA)
Tolerante Interagro (USA)
Tomista Interagro (BRA) as a Driving Pair at Luso Brasileiro Auction
Trapeira Interagro (USA)
Triunfante Interagro (USA) at The 2004 Lusitano Collection
Trovador Interagro (Ecuador)
Tutelada Interagro (USA)
Undécima Interagro (BRA) at 13th Top Interagro Auction – 2001
Uniciário Interagro (BRA) at 13th Top Interagro Auction – 2001
Unitária Interagro (USA)
Urbano Interagro (BRA) at 13th Top Interagro Auction – 2001
Ursus Interagro (BRA) at Coleção Interagro Auction – 2005
Usitada Interagro (BRA) – 13th Top Interagro Auction – 2001
Utopia Interagro (USA)
Visionário Interagro (BRA) at 14th Top Interagro Auction – 2002
Vocabulário Interagro (USA) at The 2005 Lusitano Collection
Voltário Interagro (BRA) at 2nd Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2002
Voluntário Interagro (USA) – The 2005 Lusitano Collection

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