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Navarro do Mirante


Sire: Xique-Xique (CI)
Dam: Eva do Mirante
Color: Grey
Height: 15.3 3/4 h
D.O.B: November 01, 1991
Deceased: January 15, 1998
REG: 00527-MN

Son of the fabulous Xique-Xique CI, Navarro served as an Interagro stallion since 1995. His mother Eva do Mirante, Gold Medal, was one of the finest daughters of the famous Níquel BF, one of the top-ranked stallions in the Brazilian Lusitano Stud Book. Níquel BF was the first stallion used by Interagro where he left a large offspring of show winning descendants who formed the basis of Interagro’s breeding herd. Navarro do Mirante had perfect gaits, arrogance and size, qualities that he always transmitted to his offspring, some of whom exported to the U.S.

Offspring sold:

Sevilha Interagro (BRA) at Coleção Interagro Auction 2001
Strategos Interagro (BRA) at 14th Top Interagro Auction – 2002