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Lot 10 – Nepote Interagro


Sire: Zíngaro Interagro
Dam: Zainha Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: October 07, 2016
REG.: 7645-MN
Sex: Male

Nepote is a very handsome and charismatic colt, with excellent gaits and a ground-covering, balanced canter.  His lineage is 12.5% Andrade and 87.5% Veiga/Coimbra; he displays straight, well built legs and a powerful croup.

Nepote’s dam, Zainha Interagro, was revised with a score of 72.5 points and was the winner of the 2nd class of 2-year-old mares at the 25th International Lusitano Show in 2006.  Zainha is a daughter of Rainha (MAC), mother of many decorated progeny and one of the most beautiful mares of Interagro’s herd.

His sire is Zíngaro Interagro, a black stallion of incredible rideability and temperament, and one of Interagro’s most influential stallions.  Zingaro’s proven ability to stamp progeny with his phenomenal mind and athleticism is why he has become such a prolific sire, and as such is mentioned many times in this year’s this catalog of yearlings.  Zíngaro’s excellent pedigree combines the most influential names in Interagro’s breeding program, making him a universal stud that will always possess the genetic counterpart to all mares he has been paired with at Interagro.